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4chan Pass users can bypass this verification. Self-serve ads are available again! Check out our new advertising page here. [Advertise on 4chan] Последние твиты от 4chan /pol (@va_group_pol) /pol/ (Politically Incorrect) is a political discussion board on 4chan. The board's intended purpose is the discussion of news, world events, political issues, and other related topics.. A quantitative analysis found that /pol/ is an important influencer of news content on Twitter.. 4chan is a cess-pit....the armpit of the internet, where nothing good ever originates. Christopher Moot Poole should be beaten half to death for the damage to internet civility and the mindset of today's kids that he has done

I'm disappointed at the current top answer, but not really surprised in any way. Most people these days don't even know how to identify a conservative. They think literally anyone whom doesn't entirely agree with the current progressive left must. pol, 4chan, politically incorrect, politics, 4chan board. Additional References. Encyclopedia Dramatica Urban Dictionary Wikipedia. [1] Wikipedia - 4chan - Background. [2] Washington Post - Absolutely everything you need to know to understand 4chan, the Internet's own bogeyman All snapshots. from host boards.4chan.org. Webpage Screenshot. share download .zip report bug or abuse donate

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  4. a deathmatch map that is pretty basic has some op4 weapons i'd like to get it working for svencoop as well/coop mode/more puzzles/more secrets. this map is based off 4chan's /pol/ and reflects the current 2016 presidential election

@pol_4chan Like 0. Is this your channel? Confirm ownership for additional features. Channels quoted by @pol_4chan The Labaron family has appealed directly to President Trump to intervene on behalf of the thousands of Americans in Mormon Colonies in Chihuahua. Get [...] http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/232185406

4chan/pol. 1.4K likes. Just For Fun. See more of 4chan/pol on Facebook On Tuesday morning, after the shooting of five Black Lives Matter protesters in Minneapolis, a chilling video from LiveLeak resurfaced on Facebook and in news media: two armed men, in camouflage and balaclavas.. 4chan Pol started this petition to Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada/Premier ministre du Canada). Canadian posters are no longer accepted on the 4chan.org/pol/ community. They constantly create threads and posts that are irrelevant to any political discussion whilst making.. 86 books · 1 voter · list created August 25th by Marius (votes) . Tags: 4chan, alt-right, europe, nigel-farage, politically-incorrect, trump, white. 1 like · Like. Lists are re-scored approximately every 5 minutes Fuck all of you, I actually came from 4Chan. Imagine the worst thing that has been created, and then there is 4chan. Shawn Mendes

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  1. as title states. Janis on pol have gone mad and are banning any and all threads that mention or link to archives containing Rothschild emails and pws
  2. 11/02/2017 10:54:00 PM Intel. Confirmation of mass arrests possibly beginning in 36 hours. ~ Dinar Chronicles More from the insiders posting anonymously at 4chan: http..
  3. Greetings one and all the last druid/pol/ thread has gone far beyond its bump limit and sinks towards its natural end. The cycle continues with our June 20th rite due this Saturday. All anons are welcome to discuss British news and politics in this thread alongside our usual esoteric discussions
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