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Annex B: a practical guide for employers who want to offer workplace testing for asymptomatic employees To help us improve GOV.UK, we'd like to know more about your visit today. We'll send. Annex B: Words and expressions which, when used in a company or business name, could imply a connection with a government department, a devolved administration or a local or specified public authorit Annex A and Annex are referring to whether you are using xDSL over a POTS (the UK) or over an ISDN line (e.g. Germany). Generally leave the router set to AUTO in terms of negotiating the xDSL variant for it to use. On the new Asus router, check for newer firmware versions. On the not getting 80 Mbps, how far are you from the cabinet. Clean refers to what speed Openreach estimate if there is no.

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Annex A: Designation criteria Annex B: General Practice Site Designation Process Form If you have any queries about the designation process, please send these to england.cov-primary-care@nhs.net [Document title] 1 1 Introduction 1.1 Several potential vaccines for COVID-19 are in the later stages of phase III trials. If one or more are authorised for use, the NHS needs to be ready to start. Found the DSL2641B, which appears to be the Annex B equivalent. I thought if I could get the latest firmware for the 2641 and install it on my one I'd be smiling. Unfortunately it's not as easy and also the DSL connector on the UK version uses the RJ11 plug as opposed to the RJ45 on the German. Oh well, thanks for the info In American and Canadian English, annex is both a noun and a verb.As a verb, it means to append or attach.As a noun, it means (1) an extension to a main building, or (2) something added or annexed.In British English, the noun is sometimes spelled annexe.This spelling is virtually nonexistent in North American publications

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  1. Im Artikel über WLAN-Router (c't 23/04, S. 166) nennen Sie in der Checkliste zur Grundkonfiguration den ADSL-Modus Annex B auch für analogen Anschluss. Ein Händler sagte mir aber, dass.
  2. Annex A is ADSL over PSTN ( UK ) and Annex B is ADSL over ISDN ( Germany ) 0 Kudos Report Inappropriate Content. Message 3 of 29 (80,022 Views) Reply. Highlighted. Ozhany. Posts: 1. Registered: ‎05-31-2009. Re: Annex A/Annex B. Options. Mark as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; Subscribe to RSS Feed; Permalink ; Print; Report Inappropriate Content ‎05-31-2009 05:43 AM. Hi, Can i change an annex-b.
  3. Also using annex B adsl info --stats adsl: ADSL driver and PHY status Status: Showtime Last Retrain Reason: 0 Last initialization procedure status: 0 Max: Upstream rate = 30598 Kbps, Downstream rate = 89184 Kbps Bearer: 0, Upstream rate = 20000 Kbps, Downstream rate = 79987 Kbps Link Power State: L0 Mode: VDSL2 Annex B
  4. For FTTC, officially it should be Annex B, but Annex A is also likely to work in the UK too. The UK has always used 'Tone set' A for ADSL and VDSL2, whereas in Europe, they use 'Tone set' B. Perhaps the firmware in your Asus router does not support the combination of Annex B with Tone set A, and so reverts to Annex A with Tone set A
  5. Investment services and activities as well as ancillary services of the type included under Section A or B of Annex 1 related to the underlying of the derivatives included under points (5), (6), (7) and (10) of Section C where these are connected to the provision of investment or ancillary services. Textual Amendments. F1 Substituted by Regulation (EU) No 909/2014 of the European Parliament.
  6. annexe definition: an extra building added to a larger building: . Learn more

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Annex B Open and accountable local government. Descriptions of Exempt Information . The exempt information set out at Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act 1972 Act is as follows: Information relating to any individual. Information which is likely to reveal the identity of an individual. Information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person (including the. Annex M is an optional specification in ITU-T recommendations G.992.3 (ADSL2) and G.992.5 (ADSL2+), also referred to as ADSL2 M and ADSL2+ M.This specification extends the capability of commonly deployed Annex A by more than doubling the number of upstream bits. The data rates can be as high as 12 or 24 Mbit/s downstream and 3 Mbit/s upstream depending on the distance from the DSLAM to the. b) any Replaced controls shall satisfy the relevant outputs of the GDB as well as this Technical Annex (and by the code in the ADS where relevant), as far as possible within the constraints of the location, the adjacent elements and the sub-structur

contained in this annex. National programme teams will provide support to regions where full assurance cannot be provided. Each NHS England/NHS Improvement Regional Director is requested to submit two assurance statement returns - an interim draft return on 19 February 2019 and a final return on 11 April 2019. These dates align with the aggregate 2019/20 system operating plan submissions, as. There are four Annexes (A, B, C and D) to the EU Wildlife Trade Regulations. Annex D is in addition to the three Appendices of CITES and is often referred to as the monitoring list. It includes species that might be eligible for listing in one of the other Annexes and for which EU import levels should therefore be monitored. Also, in order to be consistent with other EU regulations on. Annex B - Diagnostic Criteria Guidance from the Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens' TSE Working Group An EEG will not show the typical appearances of sporadic CJD, or no EEG has been performed and there is a symmetrical high signal in the posterior thalamus on a MRI brain scan (1. Zeidler et al 2000)

Guten morgen Sie, Ich möchte fragen, ob es mit Firmware wird WAG200G ANNEX A dem WAG ANNEX B möglich ist. In Griechenland existieren ISDN (ANNEX B) und PSTN (ANNEX A). Weil Verschiebung es ich ändern von ANNEX A im ANNEX B sollte, im Voraus danke Annex B: Mutual recognition agreement King's Health Partners . Mutual Recognition Agreement Created November 2010, 1st review April 2011 2nd Review October 2017 Signed January 2018 Modified for partnership working December 2018 MUTUAL RECOGNITION AGREEMENT HONORARY PASSPORTS ALL STAFF INTRODUCTION This protocol covers the mutual recognition of properly appointed staff from all disciplines.

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• Union goods subject to specific measures during the transitional period following the accession of new Member States • Placing of Union goods under the customs warehousing procedure referred to in column B3 of the data requirements table in Title I of Annex B to Delegated Regulation (EU) 2015/2446 in order to obtain payment of special export refunds prior to exportation or manufacturing. Annex definition: If a country annexes another country or an area of land , it seizes it and takes control... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example ANNEX B - MANDATORY CLOTHING AND EQUIPMENT 1. The following items must be carried throughout the Ten Tors Challenge (TTC) and Jubilee Challenge (JC). Individuals / Teams not wearing or carrying these items will be removed from their Challenge. 2 Code of Practice for Quality Assurance for Taught Courses: Annex B Last revised September 2020 Page 1 of 7 Annex B: Approval and Withdrawal of Modules 1. Overview This annex of the Code of Practice sets out the requirements which must be met by proposals for new modules and the procedures for consideration and approval of such proposals. Divisional Education and UG Student Experience. This annex gives additional guidance to help providers complete Table 5 (Analysis of income - Research grants and contracts), as well as providing additional information about HESA cost centres. Conventions relating to research grants and contracts 2. Research income recorded in Table 5 of the Annual Financial Return workbook should be income relating to research and experimental development.

Annex A Provisional timetable and workload for panels 1. The provisional timetable for REF 2021 is as follows: 11 October 2017 Deadline for applications for sub-panel chairs 20 December 2017 Deadline for nominating panel members Autumn 2017 Decisions on staff and outputs Winter 2017 Sub-panel chairs appointed Early 2018 Panel members for criteria phase appointed Panels begin meeting Mid 2018. 2. Annex B Reports in Placement Order Proceedings . The relevant Legal Officer will complete an application for a Placement Order. The child's social worker must obtain a copy of the child's birth certificate from the appropriate Registrar where the child's birth was registered; and submits this with the Annex B report to the Legal Officer, who can then prepare a Statement of Facts and lodge. Offences under section 132(1)(b) or (c): Summary: Fine not exceeding level 3 on standard scale. Police . Police . Section 145. Interference with contractual relationships so as to harm animal research organisations . Either Way Summary: A maximum of 6 months imprisonment and/ or a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum . Indictment: 2 years imprisonment. Section 146. Intimidation of persons. Annex B . Affidavits. June 2014. 1 Affidavit An affidavit is a written, sworn statement of evidence. Evidence must be given by affidavit if this is required by the court or by any other rule or enactment. The CPR will generally allow evidence to be by a witness statement verified by a statement of truth (see paragraph 19.88) which does not have to be sworn. There is nothing to prevent a.

Annex B: When a patient raises feedback, concerns or a complaint When a patient raises feedback, concerns or a complaint 1. Start by giving the patient the opportunity to raise feedback or discuss the issue with you face to face. This could help to get things sorted quickly. If you choose to deal with a concern this way, you should aim to resolve it by the end of the following day DRAFT Annex A . Application of the standstill direction to amendments made in Statutory Instruments and Exit Instruments amending technical standards . In this Annex, terms in bold take the meaning as stipulated in Part 2 (Interpretation) of the main FCA transitional directions. The standstill direction applies to relevant obligations in the legislation specified in column (2). Column (3. Annex B: Role of the designated safeguarding lead. Governing bodies, proprietors and management committees should ensure an appropriate senior member of staff, from the school or college leadership team, is appointed to the role of designated safeguarding lead. [116] The designated safeguarding lead should take lead responsibility for safeguarding and child protection (including online safety)

Annex B. TO BE SENT TO AND COMPLETED BY THE YOUTH OFFENDING TEAM . Criminal Behaviour Order: views of Youth Offending Team. Section 22(8) of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 states: 'The prosecution must find out the views of the local youth offending team before applying for a criminal behaviour order to be made if the offender will be under the age of 18 when the. Annex B The Royal College of Anaesthetists CCT in Anaesthetics examination blueprint on page B-99 or in the Final examination identified in the Final FRCA blueprint on page C72 of Annex C. A) History Taking Objectives: To elicit a relevant structured history To record the history accurately To synthesise the history with the relevant clinical examination Knowledge Competence Description. Annex A International and European legislation and rules . Country Legislation Norway . Section 2 of the Marketing Control Act states: The marketer and the designer of the marketing shall ensure that the marketing does not conflict with the equality of the sexes and that is does not exploit the body of one of the sexes or convey an offensive or derogatory appraisal of women or men. https. Annex B . Application of the standstill direction to amendments made in the FCA Handbook . In this Annex, terms in bold take the meaning as stipulated in Part 2 (Interpretation) of the main FCA transitional directions.. The standstill direction applies to relevant obligations in the provisions specified in column (2). Column (3) provides guidanc

annex definition: 1. to take possession of an area of land or a country, usually by force or without permission: 2. Learn more B.Specification for [insert title] C. [Insert references to any post-tender correspondence which clarifies or modifies the Supplemental Tender] [organisation name] accepts your Supplemental Tender (Annex A), submitted in response to our Specification (Annex B), [as clarified or modified by the correspondence between us (Annex C)] Annex B - Glossary of Terms (UK) Table B1 provides definitions of the most common terms used in this report. Where terms relate to individual countries, this is indicated by (EW) for England & Wales, (NI) for Northern Ireland or (SC) for Scotland. Table B1: Glossary of terms used in the report . Associate Dentist. E/W. A dentist that performs NHS activity on a contract, but does not hold a. Accordingly, annexes embedded into a schedule would refer to the number of the clause in the annex. Schedules that are referred to in the definitions (whereas definitions should not be numbered) are assigned a number that corresponds to its sequential appearance (i.e. such that the first schedule would be Schedule1.1(a) , a schedule referred to in a subsequent definition Schedule1.1(b) , etc.) Annex A. For Ten Tors 2021 Annex A is produced in paper mapping which will be distributed to Team Managers. Previous versions should be ignored and discarded. As detailed at the Team Manager's Brief, the restrictions shown on the Ten Tors 2021 map are only in place for the Ten Tors weekend itself, with the exception of Rare Bird Nesting Areas which are out of bounds 1 March - 31 July.

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www.gmc.org.uk 1 Annex A Legal and governance framework This annex is a brief guide to the legal and governance framework relevant to research in the UK. It is not intended to be a comprehensive statement of the law or a list of all relevant legislation, nor is it a substitute for independent, up-to-date legal advice. The laws and governance arrangements that apply to research vary depending. Appendix 1 - Annex B. 2 . 3 Executive Summary . The Local Policing Model (LPM) has undoubtedly realised a safer London through a reduction in crime and anti-social behaviour against a backdrop of improving confidence in policing. The response to emergency calls has improved to 93% within target times and accessibility through appointments and contact points has been established. However. Annex B - DHSC Attributing the costs of health and social care Research & Development (AcoRD) 3 . Frequently Asked Questions . 1. Funding sources . Q1.1 How are the Support Costs of non-commercial studies funded in England? A. For studies that meet the eligibility criteria for NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) Support. 1, resources for meeting NHS Support Costs are provided primarily. ANNEX A - IN CONJUNCTION WITH SECTION 2J - for 2016-2017 admission Version 12: 15 July 2015 Academic Services Page 4 Cambridge ESOL (Accepted for all markets. For UKVI degree level & above) SSU FCE Grade C FCE Grade B CAE Grade C CAE Grade B or CPE Grade between 45-59%. No expiry N/AUKVI HEI own assessment Weak in all component

1 Annex B: Conditional permit for the operation of uncertified vehicles; 2 Annex A: List of addresses to be attached to Annex B conditional permit; 3 Annex B heavy vehicle safety check sheet; 4 Annex B light vehicle safety check sheet; 5 Sample vehicle compliance certificates; 6 Sample light vehicle repair record of certification (LT308) 7 Sample heavy vehicle specialist certificate (LT400) 8. ANNEX B Do the new Modern Foreign Languages A levels succeed in assessing the required skills and content in the most appropriate way? This report follows Ofquals research workshop on MFL on 17 January 2019 to discuss Zthe reformed A level qualifications and their role in preparing students for higher education language study [; participants were asked to Zconsider the extent to which the new.

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Annex B Annex B Barriers to Delivery 16/05/2019 an overbearing & unjustified focus on completion dates and minimising costs. statutory enforcement can deliver this change. Failure to fund professional recognition Employer perception that professional recognition is low/poor value. Improve communication with employers. Mandate recognition in Local Government contracts. Liabilities Greater legal. Annex A - Table of figures Annex and glossary Figure 38: Improving bus journey experience Source: TfL, Travel in London report, number 1, customer satisfaction survey Figure 39: Selected orbital and other bus services in Outer London Source: TfL For more information, go to tfl gov uk Figure 40: Transport for London Road Network Source: Tf Email: council.tax@leeds.gov.uk Council Tax - Application for Annexe Discount If a single property contains two or more dwellings, the 'annexe' may qualify for a 50% discount if: a) it is occupied by a relative of the person liable for the main dwelling, or b) it is being used by a resident of the main dwelling as part of their sole or main residence Usually the annexe must be physically.

Annex definition is - to attach as a quality, consequence, or condition. How to use annex in a sentence Annex B: The review - summary We undertook this review because our casework tells us that there is a wide variation in the quality of NHS investigations into complaints that patients have suffered serious avoidable harm. We completed this in January 2015 and the aim was to establish whether the NHS complaints process is acting adequately as a safety net to identify and deal with failings in. Oakfield Annex B&B features a sun terrace and use of the garden. There are 2 double bedrooms each with their own en suite and flat-screen TVs. The property's breakfast room is equipped with a kettle, toaster and small fridge. WiFi is available at the property. Southampton is 9.9 mi from Oakfield Annex B&B, while Portsmouth is 20 mi from the.

Annex B: Staff. We collect many types of information about you. The information below is a summary of the types of data we will collect, our reasons for collecting this data, the lawful basis on which we will process this data and the period of time for which we will retain this data. Full information about our processing of your data is set out in the attached Register of Processing Activity. ANNEX B Request Date received Exemption applied under FOISA Reasoning for Exemption Any and all paperwork, documentation, police reports etc. relating to the death of Willie McRae at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary on 7 April 1985 6 March 2014. A request for a review was also received on 22 April 2014 where the original position remained. Police & expert reports under s.34(2)(b)(i); witness.

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Annex A lists the sources that we have identified on users of health services and Annex B lists the sources for the healthcare workforce. We have indicated where data are available for the wider UK, or where equivalent sources are available for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Our ambition is to provide a UK-wide perspective and, working with the devolved administrations, to. Annex B - Waste legislation and regulation Overview This annex provides a list of the main legislation, regulation and policies impacting on waste management and the circular economy. European Waste Legislation • Directive 2008/98/EC (Waste Framework Directive) of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 November 2008 on waste and repealing certain Directives. This Directive repealed. Annex B - Examination major incident procedures. Download: Annex B - Exam Major Incident Template Email. This procedure relates to examinations managed by the central Examinations Office at the Streatham and Penryn Campuses. If a major incident is experienced by a College hosting their own examination, the College will take steps to contact the Examinations Office as a matter of urgency and. presence in the UK if you arrange the export of waste. Block 2: insert the name and contact details of the consignee/person receiving the waste (importer). You should provide the licence/permit number as appropriate. Block 3: insert the actual quantity of waste to be shipped in tonnes (Mg) or (m3). Block 4: the actual date of the waste shipment. Block 5 (a): insert the name and contact details.

Annex 4-B. Key Aspects of Revised U.S. Antitrust Division Corporate Leniency Program (1) Leniency Before an Investigation Has Begun or Part 'A' amnesty will be granted automatically to a corporation reporting illegal activity before an investigation has begun, if the following six conditions are met: (1) At the time the corporation comes forward to report the illegal activity, the Division has. Annex B - Nominations 1 General (b) GNI (UK) will send to GNI Single Sided Nominations and details of the Processed Nomination Quantities under NGG Nominations (as received from NGG in accordance with 5.1(a)(ii)) to enable GNI to determine Confirmed Nomination Quantities; (c) GNI will: (i) determine which NGG Processed Nomination Quantities and GNI Processed Nomination Quantities are. This dataset contains a shapefile that shows the potential and high confidence mapped extents of Annex I habitat 'Sandbank' within the boundaries of the UK continental shelf. 'Sandbank' here refers to the habitat (1110) listed under Annex I of EC Directive 92/43/EEC of 21 May 1992 on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora â commonly known as the Habitats Directive. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Fachhändler: Asus DSL-AC68U Modem Router (AiMesh, EU + DE-Version Annex A B J) bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel

A 2006-07-16: annexe (UK) » Im Forum nach annexe suchen » Im Forum nach annexe fragen: Recent Searches. Similar Terms. annex building annex informative annex sth. annex sth. to sth. annexation Annexation Crisis annexation plans annexationism annexationist annexations • annexe annexed annexes annexin annexing annexo annexure anni anni mirabiles annidation Annie: Kennst du Übersetzungen. Annex A.15 - Supplier relationships (5 controls) This annex concerns the contractual agreements organisations have with third parties. It's divided into two section. Annex A.15.1 addresses the protection of an organisation's valuable assets that are accessible to, or affected by, suppliers. Meanwhile, Annex A.15.2 is designed to ensure that both parties maintain the agreed level of.

(b) has disclosed no reasonable grounds for bringing the proceedings; (c) has abused the court's process; or (d) has obstructed or attempted to obstruct the just disposal of the proceedings. Miscellaneous . 44.28.— (1) Orders for costs made against a party who has the benefit of a costs protection order may only be enforced after the proceedings have been concluded and the costs have been. Annex B: Guidance on the use of Blanket Authorities (Inserted February 2012) 1. Meeting cases. Where a meeting is to be held the provision in the blanket authority states the following: Pursuant to rule 8.2(3) of the Insolvency Rules 1986 to complete and authenticate forms of proxy on our behalf; (a) by way of special proxy for the appointment of [name of IP*] as office holder under the. B. DECLARATION OF INCORPORATION OF PARTLY COMPLETED MACHINERY U.K. This declaration and translations thereof must be drawn up under the same conditions as the instructions (see Annex 1, section and (b)), and must be typewritten or else handwritten in capital letters. The declaration of incorporation must contain the following.

Annex B: HPT Timeline principally from a period after sales of Primodos and other HPTs ended in the UK. The documents were subsequently made available to the MHRA for consideration by an Expert Working Group of the UK's Commission on Human Medicines which was established in October 2015 in order to conduct a review to ascertain whether the totality of the available data, on balance. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK or U.K.) or Britain, is a Subsequent medieval English kings completed the conquest of Wales and made unsuccessful attempts to annex Scotland. Asserting its independence in the 1320 Declaration of Arbroath, Scotland maintained its independence thereafter, albeit in near-constant conflict with.

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The annex is sub-divided into two lists, List A and List B. All Annex II IVDs require the involvement of a Notified Body before the product can be placed on the market. IVDs in Annex II List B - Moderate Risk For devices under Annex II List B, the manufacturer must follow the applicable obligations imposed by either Annex IV, or by Annex V and VI, or alternatively by Annexes V and VII and. Oldham Council download - Annex B: Business Planning and Quality Improvement Processes | Education | Early year Annex 4-A SPECIFIC RULES OF ORIGIN FOR TEXTILE OR APPAREL GOODS General Interpretative Notes 1. For goods covered in this Annex, a good is an originating good if: (a) each of the non-originating materials used in the production of the good undergoes an applicable change in tariff classification specified in this Annex as a result of production occurring entirely in the territory of one or both. ANNUAL PUBLICATION, 2014 Annex B: Quality and Methodology Note 25 June 2015 Figure B.3: Proportion of sentences in Ministry of Justice database and Crown Court Sentencing Survey, by sentence outcome, 2014 Again, the discrepancies were small (all less than 1.5 percentage points). The largest discrepancy was fo Kimberley Annex and B&B, Ringmore: See 19 traveller reviews, 27 candid photos, and great deals for Kimberley Annex and B&B, ranked #1 of 1 B&B / inn in Ringmore and rated 5 of 5 at Tripadvisor

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annex meaning: 1. to take possession of an area of land or a country, usually by force or without permission: 2. Learn more ANNEX B - Classification charts 22 ANNEX C - Product classification and ANNEX C - conformity assessment flowchart 28 ANNEX D - Essential safety requirements 30 ANNEX E - Conformity assessment procedures 43 ANNEX F - Declaration of Conformity 56 This document is intended to help suppliers of pressure equipment and enforcement authorities to understand, in general terms, the main features of the. Studio Annexe. One Bedroom Annexe. Party Barns. Request a Brochure Arrange a Design Consultation Arrange a Design Consultation × A Design Consultation can be requested via our request a brochure form. Select yes for 'would you like to arrange a Design Consultation' and one of our designers will be in touch within 2-3 working days, to arrange an appointment with you. Close Request a. CRR Annex I; Annex V.Part 1.44(g), Part 2.102-105, 113, 116, 246 Off-balance sheet exposures given by the reporting institution IFRS 9 Appendix A; Annex V.Part 2.27

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UK National Annex for Eurocode. Basis of structural design: Status: Current, Confirmed: Publication Date: 15 December 2004: Confirm Date: 02 August 2013: Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard) EN 1995, EN 1992, EN 1997, EN 1998, EN 1991, EN 1996, EN 1994, EN 1999, EN 1993: Informative References(Provided for Information) NA to BS EN 1991-1-3, BS EN 1991, BS EN. Annex B-7: ICANN's web page containing Frequently Asked Questions in relation to ICANN's Clarifying Questions process Annex B-8: Coventry (UK), ILGA has member organizations in all five continents and is divided into six regions; ILGA PanAfrica, ILGA ANZAPI (Aotearoa/New Zealand, Australia and Pacific Islands), ILGA Asia, ILGA Europe, ILGA LAC (Latin America and Caribbean) and ILGA. Annex B - List of participating plants UK Transitional National Plan Number Operating Company Plant name Location (Postcode) 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2016 2017 2018. Below are the worked examples and annexes of the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds (Green Guide). Annexes Annex A - P Factor Indicative Questions (PDF) Annex A - (P) Factor Indicative Questions (Word) Annex B - S Factor Indicative Questions (PDF) Annex B - (S) Factor Indicative Questions (Word) Annex C - Guidance on [

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UK-AnnexB-Audit Guidelines-05-2011 Audit Guidelines (Annex B) These audit guidelines lay down basic elements for the audits to be performed by Licensee's auditors. 1. Auditor's qualifications Licensee's auditor who issues the auditor's opinion on the Royalty Reporting Form shall be the same as the auditor who issues an auditors' opinion on the financial statements of Licensee. The. Introduction: General notes on the RMAR. 431.These notes aim to assist firms in completing and submitting the relevant sections of the Retail Mediation Activities Return ('RMAR').. 2. The purpose of the RMAR is to provide a framework for the collection of information required by the FCA as a basis for its supervision activities. It also has the purpose set out in paragraph 16.12.2G of the. 24 Constitution Annex 24 (May 2016) Shell: email elaine.shell@hertfordshire.gov.uk or telephone 01992 555565) who will be able to assist you. (2) a petition can only be presented to Cabinet if it relates to a Report on the Cabinet Agenda and the matter which is the subject of the Petition has not been considered previously by a Cabinet Panel 16/04/2015 Page 1 of 3 www.sra.org.uk Annex B: Impact assessment Impact of our proposals 1. Our initial assessment of the impact of the changes on firms is that they are likely to have a generally positive effect across the board, although they will be of most benefit to smaller firms and those who are applying to be licensed, where the range of authorisation proposals will streamline the. Annex 18 The Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air. ANNEX 1 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation Personnel Licensing As long as air travel cannot do without pilots and other ai r and ground personnel, their co mpetence, skills and training will remain the essential guarantee for efficient and safe operations. Adequate personnel training and licensing also instill confidence.

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1.1 This GDPR Processing Annex sets out the details regarding how Customer Personal Data is Processed when providing the Service(s). 2. Duration Of The Processing Of Personal Data 2.1 EE or its Sub-Processor will Process the Customer Personal Data for the Services as set out in this GDPR Processing Annex for as long as EE provides the Services and for as long as EE may be required to Process. The UK General Implementation Report (Annex A) The Annex A coverage includes the Atlantic (UK metropolitan area (ATL; MATL)) and Mediterranean biogeographic regions (Gibraltar (MED; MMED)). Where relevant, this information is provided at country level for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, rather than the UK as a whole. The Annex A gives an overview of activities relating to. REACH - Annex III UK REACH Competent Authority Information Leaflet Number 21 - REACH - Annex III - July 2016 Introduction Registrants of phase-in substances in the 1-10 tonnes per annum tonnage band may be able to benefit from reduced data requirements. If certain conditions are met, instead of a full Annex VII data set, a registrant has the option to provide only physicochemical data.

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