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Sichere Dir Stirnlampen und Fahrradzubehör von Lupine beim Outdoor Experten! Kaufe bei Bergfreunde.de - Wir stehen mit Service, Beratung und Kompetenz an Deiner Seite Edward Teddy Lupin was born in April, 1998 to Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks.Some months before his birth, his father expressed regret to Harry Potter of marrying Tonks and fathering a child, fearing that his child would be a werewolf and face discrimination like he had. Remus wanted to join the trio in their mission to destroy Lord Voldemort's Horcruxes until Harry chastised him for being. Edward 'Teddy' Lupin was sorted into Hufflepuff, the same house as his mother, Nymphadora Tonks. In his seventh year Teddy was Head Boy Teddy Lupin, on the other hand, has been excelling in Hufflepuff over the last few years, making it all the way to Head Boy of the house. (His mother Tonks was also a Hufflepuff, though his father. Edward Remus Teddy Lupin(b.April 11 1998) was ahalf-blood, the only child of the lateRemusandNymphadora Lupin(néeTonks), and was, like his mother, aMetamorphmagus. Teddy was named in honour of his maternal grandfather,Edward Tonks, who was murdered shortly before his birth, and his father, who was murdered during theBattle of Hogwarts.Harry Potterwas named as his godfather. Teddy was raised.

Teddy and Victoire go on to get married at the Burrow by the lake and the Tree house. Two years later the pair goes on to have their second daughter Jocelynn Lupin who is also a metemorphigus like her father and grandmother. Teddy Lupin takes over his fathers position at Hogwarts as the D.A. Professor I know this is not in the book, but what house would he be in? His dad was in Gryffindor, his mom in Hufflepuff, and his grandmother in Slytherin. So what about Teddy Edward Remus Lupin (* April 1998), genannt Teddy, ist das einzige Kind von Remus Lupin und Nymphadora Tonks.Er verlor beide Eltern bei der Schlacht von Hogwarts, deshalb wuchs er bei seiner Großmutter Andromeda Tonks auf. Harry Potter ist sein Pate.. Es ist so, dass Ted die Metamorphmagus-Fähigkeiten seiner Mutter geerbt hat, wie sich daran zeigte, dass sich seine Haarfarbe in seinen ersten.

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Teddy loves his grandmother more than anything and as soon as he is old enough he takes over the household tasks to help around the house. Though at first Teddy didn't like his great-aunt, Narcissa, who decided to try and work her way back into her sister's life, they do start to get along fairly well. However, after the birth of Narcissa's grandson Teddy does start to see her less and. The newly turned nine-year-old Teddy Lupin was glad to be out of the house for the day. Ginny had their packages stacked on the table in front of them. They giggled as they hid from view so nobody could bother them. Anytime Teddy went out in the Wizarding World with his godparents, cameras and adoring fans seemed to accost them. In fact, it was so bad that Teddy almost exclusively went to the. Victoire Weasley (b. 2 May,1 early 2000s2) was a part-veela witch and the eldest child of Bill and Fleur Weasley (née Delacour).5 She has two younger siblings, Dominique and Louis Weasley. Victoire started her education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the early-to-mid 2010s. She was also the girlfriend of Edward Lupin. 1 Biography 1.1 Early life 1.2 Hogwarts years 2 Physical. Edward Remus Teddy Lupin was used to being different. He knew most kids couldn't hear their friends breathe during hide and seek, or make his legs longer when he could reach cookies on a higher shelf. And, of course, most kids have parents. Having lived a fairly sheltered life with his grandmother, he didn't have much in the way of friends his age. Now he is heading off to Hogwarts, without.

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  1. Teddy Lupin is the son of Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks and the godson of Harry Potter. Like his mother, he is a Metamorphmagus. He was named for his grandfather, Ted Tonks, who was killed shortly before his birth. Teddy was born in hiding in the middle of the Second Wizarding War. His parents both died in the Battle of Hogwarts when he was only a month old. He was therefore raised by his.
  2. In your opinion, what House should Teddy Lupin be in? Personally I think he was a Ravenclaw because if you think about it, Tonks was smart enough to be an Auror and Remus was clever enough of a person to become a professor. Combine those two and you've got a Ravenclaw, born and bred. Then again Ravenclaws obey the rules. Tonks was said to have been a likeable person but she liked to party
  3. After the war, Ginny and the rest of the Potter family shared a close relationship with Teddy Lupin, who came to Ginny and Harry's house for dinner four times a week. His relationship with Percy was almost unknown. When Lupin was Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, Percy most likely thought he was a good teacher. They met each other again during the Battle of Hogwarts, when Percy told his.
  4. Teddy Lupin. 34 likes. This is the page for me! THEODORE REMUS LUPIN. Mommy said that since I'm a big boy I get to have my own Facebook
  5. Teddy Lupin. 1,721 likes · 2 talking about this. Hey my name is Teddy Lupin, Father is Remus Lupin, mother is nymphadora tonks, god father harry potter. Single. Ravencla
  6. Teddy Lupin heads over to his godfather's house for a friendly dinner. Unfortunately for him, he's not the only guest. Unfortunately for him, he's not the only guest. Harry Potter - Rated: K - English - Humor/Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,677 - Reviews: 33 - Favs: 254 - Follows: 55 - Published: 7/25/2011 - Teddy L., Harry P. - Complet

Teddy lupin and victoire weasley fanfiction deutsch Next Generation: Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasley Chapter . Teddy couldn't remember the night Victoire Weasley was born very well, of coarse he couldn't, he was barley two. But he did remember staying at his godfather, Harry Potter's, house that night. Since Harry wasn't married to Ginny Weasley at the time Harry wasn't required to sit in the. The Escapades of Teddy Lupin. NOTE (7 September 2018): It means a lot to me that though it's been four years since Escapades was written, people are still discovering it + reading for the first time! However, it's only fair to let you know that this was intended as the first in a seven part series, which was discontinued. I highly recommend that you read The Lost Children instead - I believe. Since Teddy Lupin left to train as an Auror in Norway, Victoire settles in for a long week of nostalgic memories, loneliness, and longing. But when an unexpected visitor shows up, things take a sudden turn. Unprepared to see him after their unfortunate break up, Teddy fights to find a way to make things up to Victoire. Despite his continued efforts, he's quick to realize that she isn't the.

Teddy Lupin & Harry Potter (7) Seamus Finnigan/Dean Thomas (5) Luna Lovegood/Ginny Weasley (5) Teddy Lupin/Victoire Weasley (5) Include Additional Tags Baby Teddy Lupin (101) Fluff (32) Angst (16) Cute Teddy Lupin (11) Post-War (10) Hurt/Comfort (9) Post-Battle of Hogwarts (9) Romance (8) Family (8) Canonical Character Death (8 Next Generation: Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasley. Teddy couldn't remember the night Victoire Weasley was born very well, of coarse he couldn't, he was barley two. But he did remember staying at his godfather, Harry Potter's, house that night. Since Harry wasn't married to Ginny Weasley at the time Harry wasn't required to sit in the waiting room of St. Mungo's with the Weasley's but he did.

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  1. Teddy Lupin was 6 years old when he found out that he had been named after his grandfather, Ted Tonks, and was in shock to find out that he wasn't nicknamed Ted but rather Eddie. The next week, him and his best friend presented a case to Andromeda Tonks and Harry Potter called why Edward should be referred to as 'Teddy'. They talked avout how his granfather was nicknamed Ted and.
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  3. Theodore Lupin started his life in the home of Remus Lupin and his wife Nymphadora Tonks. Teddy was a very happy child who loved spending time with his parents. His father taught him how to transform into his wolf form when he was about 6 years. His mother started teaching him how to control his magic when it showed up. Teddy often made jokes with his family, and changed his eye colour.

Teddy Lupin Visits Malfoy Manor by Bether. The first time Teddy visits Malfoy Manor, he's five years old. He dislikes it on sight. It's so big and fancy, all made of stone. It's nothing like the flat he shares with Grandromeda. He loves their flat—it's tiny and filled with toys, fuzzy blankets and pictures. Sometimes he visits Uncle Harry's house. He always thought it was big but Malfoy. Edward Remus Teddy Lupin (b. April 1998) is the only child of werewolf Remus Lupin and metamorphmagus Nymphadora Tonks. He is the godson of Harry Potter, making him the god brother of James Potter II, Albus Potter, and Lily Potter II. He is currently dating Victoire Weasley Teddy Lupin is the son of Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks. He is a Metamorphmagus like his mother (DH25, BLC).He was named for his grandfather Ted Tonks, and is the godson of Harry Potter ().Orphaned in the Battle of Hogwarts and raised by his grandmother, Andromeda Tonks, he often stops by Harry and Ginny Potter's for dinner.Like his mother, he was sorted into Hufflepuff at Hogwarts (JKR:Tw)

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  1. Edward Teddy Remus Lupin (b. 17 April, 1998) is a half-blood wizard, the only child and son of the late Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks.He is also the adopted son of Draco and Harry Malfoy-Potter, and older adoptive brother of Scorpius, Lily, Aurora, and James Malfoy-Potter.. He began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 2009. During his time at Hogwarts Teddy was Sorted.
  2. ok but imagine young teddy lupin at the potter house finding an old picture the marauders from their school days and he just sort of stares at it before morphing to look like his father. #and then harry walks in and they just share a tense moment of complete understanding #teddy lupin #remus lupin #hp #teddy lupin headcanon. 106 notes . radbloglet-blog. The time Teddy Lupin had a crisis.
  3. Teddy Lupin. Teddy is the only son to Remus and Nymphadora Lupin, born on April 10,1998. Teddy is the only grandson to Anne and John Lupin. Nymphadora commented one time that Teddy snored just like his father Remus ,while sleeping. Teddy also has his father's hair color of medium brown as his natural hair color. Anne herself also has light.
  4. Bei den 19 Jahre später Einstellungen sieht man gaaaanz kurz Teddy Lupin (gutaussehender junger Mann dunkeles etwas längeres Haar) wie er sich mit Victoire Weasley (Junges Mädchen mit langen roten Haaren) unterhält, das ist aber nur eine kurze Szene, konnte man leicht übersehen. 1 Kommentar 1. Scarlei Fragesteller 30.07.2011, 21:11. Die Stelle habe ich völlig übersehen!! Aber wenn sie.

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Theodor Lupin house: slytherin year:5 age: 15 nickname: teddy, ted SPECIAL: part wizard, part werewolf, part Metamorphmagus. Metamorphmagus =(pl. Metamorphmagi) is a witch or wizard with the ability to change his or her physical appearance at will, rather than requiring Polyjuice Potion or a spell like the rest of the wizarding population Then Lupin left the house and ventured forth into the night. A fierce wind had blown up. He pulled his cloak more tightly around himself in an attempt to keep out the wind. He then turned on the spot and found himself staring up at the white washed Shell Cottage. He knocked on the door. He could hear movements on the other side. Then there was a moment's silence before he heard Bill's. So if you're a human who missed seeing punk cinnamon roll Teddy Lupin in Cursed Child, buckle up! Here's what Teddy was probably up to, based on what we know about him. By the time the play begins. She appears in many movies in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter series, many times alongside Teddy Lupin. She was the first Weasley that wasn't in Gryffindor but she wasn't the last. Her sister, Dominique, is in the same house she was. Hogwarts [edit | edit source] She entered into a romantic relationship with Teddy Lupin, who was two years above her. On 1 September, 2017, Victoire's by. Teddy Lupin. Edward Remus Teddy Lupin is the orphaned only son of Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks and godson of Harry Potter. He is named after Tonks' late father, Ted Tonks, and his own father, Remus. Teddy is a Metamorphmagus like his mother Nymphadora, and is not affected by his father's lycanthropy

My brother is Edward Lupin! Name: Teddy Lupin House: Hufflepuff Relationship Status: Single Type: Metamorphmagus. About Hogwarts is Here. Hogwarts is Here (HiH) is the Harry Potter fandom's most incredible Online Hogwarts experience there is - created by fans, for fans. Create a character and immerse yourself at Hogwarts and the Harry Potter universe with thousands of others by enrolling in. Teddy Lupin is about to start his first year at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. Little does he know that the next seven years are going to be a roller-coaster of emotions, experiences and events that will challenge everything he has ever known and believed in. [Winner of three 2014 Hallows Awards Template:Rb Ted Tonks is the husband to pure-blood witch Andromeda Tonks, and the father to metamorphmgus Nymphadora.He is a muggle-born wizard, recieving his Hogwarts letter at age 11. During his time at Hogwarts he was sorted into Ravenclaw house. 1 Biography 1.1 Early Life 1.2 Hogwarts Years 1.3 After Hogwarts 1.4 Second Wizarding War 2 Physical Appearance 3 Personality and Traits 4.

Teddy Lupin (Harry Potter Fan Fic) Fanfiction. Youre Favorite Character Has grown Up!!!! Teddy is Finally going to Hogwarts this year! He meets new people (some good, some bad) Along the way, he learns about Love, Hate Spells, Werewolves, and Who his parents really were! Teddy Lupin (Harry Potter Fan Fic) 9.7K 142 102. by penelope6. by penelope6 Follow. Share. Share via Email Report Story Send. 29.01.2017 - Hanna hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest Teddy's grandmother was a Slytherin (No Black was sorted into any other house besides Sirius who was sorted into Gryffindor) and I believe Ted Tonks (Teddy's grandfather) was a Hufflepuff. (I saw this somewhere, I'm unsure if the source is reliable or not) But he defiantly wasn't in Slytherin being as he was a Muggle-born. The founder of the Slytherin house (His name escapes me at the moment.

Teddy LupinLupin and Tonks's son — was raised by his grandmother Andromeda Tonks. He eventually befriended Harry and went to his house a few times a week for dinner House M.D. (1) Fall Out Boy (1) Original Work (1) Fruits Basket (1) Gundam Wing (1) Historical RPF (1) Exclude Characters Teddy Lupin (664) James Sirius Potter (646) Albus Severus Potter (288) Harry Potter (268) Scorpius Malfoy (181) Lily Luna Potter (174) Ginny Weasley (156) Draco Malfoy (99) Victoire Weasley (74) Ron Weasley (54) Exclude Relationships Teddy Lupin/James Sirius Potter (802.

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House: Hufflepuff: Alias: Teddy; Ted: What I like: Everything. What I dislike: The fact that his parents are dead. Loyalty: Lupin family; Tonks family; Potter family; Weasley family; Hogwarts (Hufflepuff) Edward Remus Lupin is the only child and son of the late Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks. He was, like his mother, a Metamorphmagus. Teddy was named in honour of his maternal grandfather. 1 Zur Person 2 Familie 3 Tonks' Alter 4 Tonks Schulzeit 5 Name 6 Link zum Artikel Nymphadora Tonks möchte am liebsten nur Tonks genannt werden, weil sie ihren Vornamen so schrecklich findet. Der aufgeblasen-feminine Name passt auch überhaupt nicht zu der unkomplizierten und eher burschikosen jungen Hexe, die immer gerade heraus unverblümt ihre Kommentare abgibt. Ihr Aussehen ist variabel.

Teddy Lupin trudged wirily down the stairs the day of the full moon. His mop of usually sky blue hair streaked with brown hung dull, straight and floppy in his eyes; its usual lift and colour dimmed similarly to his mood by the approaching moon. His usually amber-hazel eyes were darker and dipped half closed as he stumbled into the kitchen 28-jun-2020 - Explora el tablero de Abigail R. D. Teddy Lupin en Pinterest. Ver más ideas sobre Teddy lupin, Dibujos, Anime de harry potter A Cruel Truth - Teddy Lupin. gr.mm. You, Y/N Minerva Tonks Potter, the daughter of Harry and Ginny Potter. Older sister to the three other Potter siblings; James, Albus and Lily. At the moment, you were getting very annoyed, rude, jealous looks, no - sorry, glares from Victorie Weasley. Who was sitting down the dinner table - at the Potter house, on the other side of you. She stabbed her ice. Teddy Lupin x reader 8.5K 168 109. by wonkydonkey. by wonkydonkey Follow. Share. Share via Email Report Story Send. Send to Friend. Share. Share via Email Report Story This part is dedicated to kim_the_best, I hope that you all enjoy, and please leave a comment on who you want me to do next. Thank you! Xxx (In this story, Dumbledore and Snape still work at the school, all positions are the. You are always home at Hogwarts when you are a part of 9 3/4 Amino

teddy lupin and victoire weasley. teddy lupin and victoire weasley's kids . Weasley Family Tree Harry Potter Family Tree Arte Do Harry Potter Harry Potter Facts Harry Potter Books Harry Potter Universal Harry Potter World Teddy Lupin Harry Potter Next Generation. More information... Saved by A W. 121. People also love these ideas. Harry Potter Tumblr Harry Potter Anime Harry Potter Fan Art. My, my Teddy Lupin, I didn't think it would happen but you finally don't look like a walking noodle. He was scared to look, as if when he did she'd just disappear again. Teddy? Memories came rushing back as he finally laid eyes on her. The summer before second year when they stole the brooms from the shed and went for a fly, the winter of fourth year when they built the world's largest.

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20.12.2016 - Teddy Lupin - thumbs up, except for the part where he doesn't know what he naturally looks like 22-jun-2015 - Explora el tablero de Alice Allen Ted Lupin en Pinterest. Ver más ideas sobre Teddy lupin, Harry potter, Harry potter fan art Sorted into Gryffindor house, Remus Lupin was swiftly befriended by two cheerful, confident and rebellious boys, James Potter and Sirius Black. They were attracted by Remus's quiet sense of humour and a kindness that they valued, even if they did not always possess it themselves. Remus, always the underdog's friend, was kind to short and rather slow Peter Pettigrew, a fellow Gryffindor.

Teddy was his grandmother Andromeda Tonks after both his parents died in the battle of Hogwarts. Harry Potter was made Teddy's Godfather. Like his mother, Teddy was a Metamorphmagus. Teddy did not inherit his father's werewolfism. Teddy was a prefect and head boy in his year. Teddy was in love with Victoire Weasley and the to ended up dating. Harry Potter-Fans wissen es. Am heutigen 2. Mai jährt sich die Schlacht von Hogwarts, weswegen J.K. Rowling sich nun via Twitter für ein Ereignis bei diesem Kampf entschuldigte Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu Teddy Lupin arrives at Hogwarts with a mop of untidy black hair and bright brown eyes. When he's sorted into Hufflepuff and the hat is plucked from his head the Great Hall gasps collectively because his hair has turned canary yellow in recognition of his house colours Teddy Lupin (son) Lexie Riddle (step daughter) Nigel Tonks (father,deceased) Terra Tonks (mother,deceased) Friends Jayliam Rose: Enemies Unknown: Nymphadora is the daughter of the famous circus artist - Nigel Tonks and the witch Terra Tonks. She is the third of their 5 children. She spent her childhood learning magic tricks and how to juggle. Everything at home looked so interesting that she.

Aug 7, 2020 - teddy lupin & james sirius potter, harry potter. See more ideas about James sirius potter, Teddy lupin, Sirius Remus Lupin feels that he has endangered her and her son, and leaves her at the beginning of the Deathly Hallows. Harry, already lost his parents and his godfather, mocks him to be a coward, resulting in Harry was thrown into a wall by angry Remus. But Remus Lupin decided that Harry was right and come back a few days later. They have a son named Edward Remus 'Teddy' Lupin. He is a. House. Gryffindor. Years. 2009-2016 Job. Assistant at Weasley's Wizard Wheezes Appearance First Appearance. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (mentioned only) Last Appearance. James Potter and the Vault of Destinies. Edward Remus Teddy Lupin (b. April of 1998), also known as Ted, is the first and only child of Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks. He attended Hogwarts from 2009 to 2016. He. - Gryffindor House Lily Luna Potter II (b. 2008) is the youngest child and only daughter of Harry Potter and Ginevra Weasley . This makes her the younger sister of James Potter II and Albus Potter , and the god sister of Teddy Lupin

Name: Teddy Lupin. Age: 13. Year: three. House: Hufflepuff. Favourites: Favourite food: Chocolate. Favourite Harry Potter movie: # 3. Favourite Harry Potter book: # 3. Favourite Harry Potter character: Ron Weasley. Favourite quote: Bloody Hell! ~ Ron Weasley. Careful I talk a lot!! Caution!!!!! Feel free to chat with me, I get bored :):):) This is not a short bio . Hide Full Bio Read More. Edward Remus Teddy Lupin (born 17 January 1999) was a half-blood wizard and Metamorphmagus, which he inherited from his mother. The only child of Remus and Nymphadora Lupin (née Tonks), Teddy was named after his maternal grandfather, Ted Tonks, who was killed in the Second Wizarding War; and his father, Remus Lupin. Being a Metamorphmagus, Teddy can change his appearance at will, and much.

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  1. Mad-Eye Moody as Teddy Lupin's Godfather. Saved by Ashley Conklin. 977. Harry Potter Love Harry Potter Universal Harry Potter Fandom Harry Potter Memes.
  2. Romulus John Lupin was born to Remus Lupin's great-grandfather, Tarquin Lupin and his great-grandmother, Alexandra Lupin (nee Ferguson). He and his wife Renna Lupin were parents of Lyall Lupin, the grandparents of Remus Lupin and the great-grandparents of Teddy. He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was sorted into Slytherin House and so was Renna. They made friends with.
  3. That's right, folks. Teddy Lupin got his mother's house and his father's prefect status, and became the Head Boy for Hogwarts' 2015-16 school year. Potterheads were excited to find out what the.
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  5. Daisy Artemis Lupin (20 April, 1961), O.M Second Class, also known as Shadow, is a half-blood witch and the second child and only daughter of Lyall and Hope Lupin (nee Howell). She was brought up by her mothers parents from the age of four in the Muggle World after her brother, Remus Lupin, was bitten by Fenrir Greyback and was afflicted with lycanthropy. She attended Hogwarts School of.
  6. e Nymphadora Tonks. She is an Auror, brave and bold. She is full of courage and plenty daring. She fits every single trait of Gryffindor. And yet, she wasn't a Gryffindor. She was a Hufflepuff. It never made sense to me that Nymphadora Tonks was a Hufflepuff; however what if.

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Nymphadora Lupin (née Tonks) (1973 - 2 May, 1998) (more commonly known as Tonks) was a half-blood witch, the only child of Ted and Andromeda Tonks, and a Metamorphmagus.She attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1984 to 1991 and was sorted into Hufflepuff House. After leaving Hogwarts, Tonks joined the Ministry of Magic and trained to become an Auror under the watchful eye. Teddy Lupin. ambicnce. I'm mobile guys. It's the only way it's letting me stay logged in but I tried to sign in on my computer and it was like you have to reset your password but I don't remember my password for my email so it won't let me log in : REBLOG 4 years ago 1 note. ooc . I'm going to cry tumblr is going to delete EVERYTHING. I can't save it. REBLOG 4 years ago 4 notes.

Aug 19, 2018 - Explore River Kay's board teddy lupin on Pinterest. See more ideas about Teddy lupin, Harry potter next generation, Harry potter universal Teddy Lupin. 5/17/2016 3 Comments Ok so I know how Albus said that Dementus turned nice but it turned out that he wasn't, but I was going to the room of requirements and I saw him knocked out on the ground! So I ran back to my dormitory, grabbed my wand, wend back and conjured cold cold water on his face. So when he woke up he was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice! He even stopped trying to prank Hufflepuff. Halloween Teddy Lupin Headcanon were. He's not that into the Halloween spirit. So on Halloween when everyone's (mostly muggleborns) dressed up he's strutting around in his band tees . Everyone's like Awe come on Teddy where's your spirit And he'd just be like Sorry guys But then a little first year Slytherin dressed as a Disney princess asks him where his costume is. Teddy Lupin was born with no signs of lycanthropy, but did inherit his mother's ability to change his appearance at will. The night of his birth was one of the few times when Remus Lupin seemed truly happy. He found the Order and, beaming, told them the good news. With nothing but gratitude, he asked Harry to be Teddy's godfather. There was a toast. 'To Teddy Remus Lupin,' said Lupin.

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  1. Feb 20, 2013 - Teddy Lupin & Victoire Weasley - Both descended from the House of Black, now extinct in the male line. If they end up together and have children, as the epilogue hints that they might, those children will be part-werewolf, part-Muggle, part-Metamorphmagus, part-Veela, part-blood-traitor, and yes, part-Black. Toujours pur indeed
  2. Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasley. Discussion. Close. 9. Posted by. Pukwudgie -- Ilvermorny. 5 years ago. Archived. Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasley . Discussion. In the epilogue in Deathly Hallows (please no grief about the epilogue not existing. It exists, deal with it), James Potter as well as the rest of his family is quite surprised when it is discovered Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasley.
  3. Parodies. As a reaction to the increasing popularity of portmanteau names in HP fandom, Libertine and Wicked Cherub wrote The Meaning of Harry Potter Liff, which proposed humorous definitions to increasingly improbable name mashups. Examples include: Snarry (Harry/Snape): The fart you sneak in when standing next to someone and hope they won't notice
  4. Teddy Lupin was kissing Victoire. After losing his parents as just a baby, a lot of Harry Potter readers were quick to notice that Teddy Lupin's situation was a lot like Harry's. It was nice to discover that Teddy seemed content 19 years later, especially considering he was spotted 'snogging Victoire' by a shocked James Potter. It wasn't long before it became clear that Victoire.
  5. Teddy Lupin Teddy Lupin Wall; About; Following (6) Followers (6) Friends (6) Joined September 2014; Member of Hufflepuff; 0 House Points; 1st Year; United States Accio Profile Posts... Load More Posts. About Hogwarts is Here . Hogwarts is Here (HiH) is the Harry Potter fandom's most incredible Online Hogwarts experience there is - created by fans, for fans. Create a character and immerse.

-Teddy Lupin - Gryffindor because he was brave enough not to let his parents' death make him reclusive and dark, could have been Ravenclaw because of his brains, and slight eccentricity -Victoire Weasley - Gryffindor because she loved dragons, and was bold enough to not hold prejudices against them, despite her uncle Harry telling her he had once had to fight a particularly vicious species of. Find out what house Harry Potter's godson Teddy Lupin is in, straight from J.K. Rowling herself Lupin haben wir im Teil drei und Tonks im Teil 5 kennengelernt. Ich fand deren Beziehung auch sehr interessant. In den Büchern wurde das sehr gut dargestellt, aber zu den Filmen hat das überhaupt nicht gepasst. Ich habe erst die Filme geguckt und dann erst die Bücher gelesen, deswegen fand das sehr überraschend. Diese Beziehung finde ich auch irgendwie mehr romatischer, als die.

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Hermione had thrown herself on to him in a hug that nearly knocked him It looks like you broke into my house. Sirius said. He really didn't want to be rude but he was scared. If kids could get in so easily is it possible the Death Eaters could to. We..Err... Teddy saw some of the past kids in the doorway. Teddy looked around at the kids from the future. They must be in the past. What year is it? Everyone from the past looked confused for a. pairing: teddy lupin x reader request: so one could be they have their first fights and really hurt each other but then they pull through and kiss (maybe song your preference) the marauders are also in the middle of the fight. original request: could you a teddy lupin x reader were marauders AND LILLY AND TONKS are alive and teddy and the reader are best friends and she's like a mini version. You're a real dick, Teddy Lupin. You mutter before stomping up to the front of the room and asking your professor to assign you a new partner and leaving Teddy to stew. And from there things just went downhill. Well, if it isn't the darling of the Slytherin house. Teddy muttered as he walked past you in the library. You sigh as you look up from the book you were reading and gl Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art

What happened with Teddy Lupin after the battle of Hogwarts? Question. Since both Nymphadora and Remus passed, did Teddy grow up with James, Albus and Lily since Harry is his god father? Or did Harry even get custody of him? Thank you in advance! 3 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. best. level 1. 4 points · 21. Teddy was born in April 1998, but lost both parents in the Battle of Hogwarts. Teddy inherited metamorphmagus abilities of his mother and was thus often seen with blue hair. He was raised by Andromeda Tonks, but often visited the Potters. He was the boyfriend of Victoire Weasley. Teddy Lupin was appointed headboy of Hufflepuff House. Trivia Edi Ted Remus Teddy Lupin is the son and only child of the late Remus Lupin and his likewise deceased wife, Nymhpadora Tonks. He was a Metamorphmagus like his mother, as was shown when his hair changed colour all the time as a baby. Teddy began Hogwarts when he was eleven and was sorted into Hufflepuff house. Teddy recently turned eighteen and is no longer attending Hogwarts, but his girlfrien It was not, Harry Potter thought to himself as he strode into the square of Godric's Hollow, an unusual sight to see six year old Teddy Lupin in the peaceful village. He was round at the Potter's house nearly every day for dinner and to play with now one year old James. What was rather odd though, however, was how miserable Teddy looked. He.

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I went ahead and created it because there has been talks of deleting both Teddy Lupin's and Andromeda Tonks' pages. I felt calling it neither the Tonk's Family or the Lupin Family really accurate so I just went with Lupin & Tonks Family to combine the two families. If you feel the page is not accurate, or of inferior quality, feel free to edit and improve it. Lionheart08 03:52, 25 July 2007. Harry Potter: Teddy Lupin, I am your father. Request. I am looking for stories where Harry Potter is the father of Teddy Lupin. I have always felt disgusted by the idea of Teddy being the son of both a Metamorphmagus and Werewolf, it's like the prologue to a 14 year old girls creature fic. 15 comments. Lupin war nicht in Lily verliebt, er hat nur geschwärmt was für eine wundervolle Frau sie war. Aber das kann doch jeder über seinen besten Freund sagen oder? Sie war die Frau seines besten Freundes und sie hat ihn aufgenommen und so weiter.. Snape war in Lily verliebt und natürlich James. Tonks war Lupins erste Liebe abgesehen von jugendlieben auf der schule oder so ähnlich, die waren. Teddy Lupin: Nationality: British: Born: 10 March 1960: Died: 2 May 1998: Remus John Lupin is a fictional character in the Harry Potter book series written by J. K. Rowling. He first appears in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban as the new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor. Lupin remains in the story long after resigning from this post as a friend to the central character, Harry.

Alternative Hogwarts Houses . In conclusion to the post with the Hogwarts Houses, here is the post about the Houses of the Next Gen they could have also been in. :) Gryffindor: Lucy Weasley, Albus Severus Potter, Simon Brown, Lotta Finnigan, Leon Finnigan, Louisa Longbottom, Rose Weasley, Teddy Lupin, Lauren Brown, Victoire Weasley; Hufflepuff Bafflingly, neither Deathly Hallows movies address the birth of Teddy Lupin. Tonks falls pregnant early on in the book of the same name, but Remus isn't happy. He fears for his child, believing they'd struggle in a world that hates his kind and anybody associated with them, while also being worried that they may inherit the same condition as himself. This leads him down a dark path, which. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/MovieFlameProd/overviewTwitter: https://twitter.com/MovieFlameProdPersonal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/morgan_ross1..

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I read Harry Potter 7 awhile ago and i thought i remembered Lupin and Tonks making Harry Teddy's godfather. So... what happened to teddy after tonks and lupin die? Harry doesn't take him does he? Or does Tonks's mom take him? What do you guys think happens Lupin mentions his son during the Resurrection Stone scene, but that's it. Teddy isn't even at King's Cross in the epilogue. In the context of the movies, does Teddy Lupin even exist? All in all, it was an excellent end to a quality film franchise. I appreciated being able to spend that crucial night in the company of other obsessive fans. Lupin, worried that his expected child with Tonks will be a werewolf and feeling guilty for starting a family despite his outcast status, comes to Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place and tries to convince Harry to let him join in on the quest. Harry gets angry at Lupin for abandoning his family to go on an adventure, and the two argue. Harry is understandably concerned with he hears someone. Remus Moony Lupin. Apr 9 22 RB. sfcmeme peter pettigrew sirius black remus lupin made by jules. lepetitcomte: SFC Meme: Reece King as ↳ Oliver Wood. Roger Davies. Marcus Flint. Apr 9 20 RB *comes back to this blog 8 days later to make sure every post ended up here* sfcmeme oliver wood roger davies marcus flint made by jules. rowle: Reece King as Lee Jordan ⇁ Flint nearly kills.

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